The GPD Win is perfect for playing older Windows games.

However, newer titles can also be played with lowered graphics or resolutions. This list is a sampling of how Windows games run.

edit: i have added a "controls experience" tab to outline how the game plays with the gpd control wise, whether it has native controller support, works well with the thumbstick controlling the mouse, the touch screen weather it has community made Big Pictue Mode configurations (see this entry) or non of the above. after all, what good is a game with a solid framerate if you can't control it?


Games by nmkd are currently only based on YouTube videos (not game stream, native games) or played on a Surface 3 which uses the same chipset. (Marked with [S3])

*Games contributed by Gin2168 are typically played for 10mins at the lowest settings to determine playability and scaling potential. Should you decide to play the game further and/or complete it and find better settings or performance benchmarks, feel free to edit the table. For now this is a shotgun approach to giving people an idea of what will be playable and what will not be.

**At this point I (Gin2168) have setup this table to be an easy means for anyone to add info and settings for games that they are testing. As this Wikipedia develops, I expect that the table will be done away with in its current state and each game receiving their own individual page (see Doom 2016 for an example).

***None of these tested games include HiAlgo Switch at this point (unless noted), so some of the older games may very well run better with it. Further tests can be run for those games that will support it and have that added to the tweaks section of the game page =D.


Game Settings Performance controls experience Playtime to determine performance Contributed by
20XX Default Full speed but loading times are a bit long. 30mins Darkphoenixfox
AM2R - Return of Samus Standard Settings.

To launch game:

  • Right click the program .exe file
  • Go to Properties
  • Go to Compatibility
  • Check run as Administrator
  • Set compatibility for Windows 8.
Full speed. Looks great on this handheld. 10mins Gin2168
Amnesia: The Dark Descent Medium, 720p Playable, around 40 fps 10 mins nmkd / YT user Or1s
Anno 1602 (GOG) 800x600 with d3dwindower Perfect. Intro and other movies are not visible. 3h alucard321pl
Arma: Gold edition 1280x720 lowest everything 25-40 depending on how much is on screen no native controller support, needs ALOT of tinkering with big picture but works great once configured right 1h Psycheous
Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom Low to everything off. 640x360/480 Resolution setting. Maybe playable to unplayable. Usually sits at around 17-20fps. But titans or intensive scenes drop it instantly down to 12-14fps.

Text is hard to read at this setting.

20mins. Gin2168
Assassin's Creed III


Low settings

Somewhat playable. 10-30 fps 15 mins nmkd / YT user pochowandpoch
Assassins Creed Black Flag 800x600 lowest settings Pretty unplayable, I'd guess it's under 15fps at best. 20 min zzzsss2
Assassins Creed: Brotherhood 800x600 lowest everything 20-35 fps, has native controller support, you must swich the gpd to controller before launching the game then go into settings. 20 mins Psycheous
Assassin's Creed: Revelations 1056x600, low settings Playable 10 mins nmkd / YT user TEIV
Awesomenauts 720p

Borderless window

High Textures

Close to no slowdowns, perfectly playable (low textures completely get rid of slowdowns)


Default settings

Around 30 fps

Perfectly playable

5 mins nmkd [S3]
Batman Arkham Asylum See game page. Very playable. 25mins Gin2168
Batman Arkham City - Goty 1280x720 dx9 or 640x480 dx11. All other settings off or low, Depth of field False, Bsmoothframerate False Extremely playable and smooth (40-60 fps) when not using Directx11 features, esp with Depth of field made false in init file. However, detective mode glitches and NPCs will commonly disappear with it on (though appear when you scan or pause). Directx11 fixes that bug but knocks down the FPS and is at best 20-30 fps when downgraded to 640x480 resolution. Entire game plus DLC (played with dx9 mostly) Zzzsss2
Batman Arkham Origins 1280x720, low or off settings. Ini file: AllowD310 and AllowD311 False, Depth of field False, bsmoothframerate False, motion blur True Completely Playable, mostly smooth 20-40 FPS. Mostly hovers around 30 but with frame drop in the city and a lot of enemies. 2 hours Zzzsss2
Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate 720p noAA, no depth of field Playable, smooth


30mins Darkphoenixfox
Batman Arkham Knight Lowest possible settings and performance tweaks. Unplayable 5-10 fps 10 mins Zzzsss2
Beyond Good And Evil 720p, high settings 45-60 fps 20 mins nmkd [S3]
Binary Domain 800x600, everything low. Sort of playable. 22-35FPS. (Firefights were usually around 22fps, exploring the world was usually around 28fps)

However, the controller on the GPDWin makes this game very difficult to aim with and truthfully isn't very fun =(...

10mins Gin2168
Bionic Commando 1280x720 Full Speed 30mins Kayday
Bioshock Infinite 800x600, low settings. ZZZSSS2 EDIT: I got it to run really well at 1280×720, with some ini file tweaks. 20-40 fps, playable 20 mins nmkd / YT user pochowandpoch

Bioshock Remastered

1280x720 with a lot of editing of the ini file (there's a lot of tweaking options in there). 95% Playable! Definitely recommend to play, worked great. Got it to run 40-60 FPS. Don't know if it was due to all the ini tweaking but it would crash a lot (thankfully the game uses save states, so just use multiple save slotes Full game Zzzsss2
Blood Pong (from 1998)

[1] (Link to show Example of Game)

Requires Windows XP Virtual Computer (VM VirtualBox). Under W10, you can not see the Life Bars or Paddles Runs about 50-75% Speed 30 Minutes Smoker163B
Borderlands 1280x720 with everything off, low and following low spec gamer settings. Full speed or close to 1 hour Kayday
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel 1280x720 set to lowest settings Hovers around 28fps, dips with lots of explosions, runs better when you join a multiplayer game 1 Hour Jubag
BlazBlue CentralFiction 1280x720 5fps - Unplayable 5 minutes Rhythm Lunatic
Blur 1280x720 with everything off or low Game works only if you put it on a USB flash drive. It crashes on GPD storage and microSD. 25-30 fps 1 hour trueGek
Bunker16 (Indie horror game) 720p, highest preset, highest FOV 60+ fps, perfect 10 min nmkd [S3]
Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Edition 1280x720


Everything on low

Perfect (unsure of FPS)
Call of Ctulhu - Dark Corners Of The Earth 720p, default settings

Almost constant 60 fps.

Amazing performance!!

15 mins nmkd [S3]
Call Of Duty (2003) 720p, highest settings 50-60 fps 20 mins nmkd [S3]
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Seems very playable, refer to COD4 page for video benchmark.
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 960x544, low settings 40-60 fps, playable 45 mins nmkd / YT user pochowandpoch
Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 800x600, low settings (except texture quality which is high) Playable, 30-60 fps (Lowest: 27 fps) 30 mins nmkd / YT user pochowandpoch
Call Of Duty: World At War 640x480, low settings 45 fps average, playable 50 mins nmkd / YT user pochowandpoch
Call Of Duty: World At War: Zombies 800x600, low settings 60+ fps, perfect 1h nmkd [S3]
Castlevania Lord of Shadows 1280x720 with everything off or to lowest setting Mostly full speed 30 mins
Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2 1280x720 with everything off or to lowest setting Full Speed and looks beautiful just like DmC 1 hour Kayday
Chaos Legion 800x600 window Full speed but fullscreen issues and setting controls are a pain 1 hour fvig2001
Coin Crypt Default settings Full speed 10mins fvig2001
Condemned: Criminal Origins

Bloom: Enabled

Shadows: Low

Lighting: Medium

Texture res.: Max

60 fps! Amazing. 30 mins nmkd / YT user pochowandpoch
Crazy Machines 720p, max, no AA 60 fps 5 mins nmkd [S3]
Crazy Machines 1.5  720p, max, no AA 60 fps 10 mins nmkd [S3]
Crazy Machines 3 Lowest settings, lowest resolution 20 fps, playable 10 mins nmkd [S3]
Crazy Taxi Default Perfect 1 hour fvig2001
Crysis Unknown Playable, around 35 fps 10 mins nmkd / YT user SurfaceProGamer
Crysis 2 Unknown Playable, around 25 fps 10 mins nmkd / YT user Mobimaniak3000
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair 1280x720 MSAA 16X Was there ever any doubt? 60FPS Solid. Beautiful on this screen. 10mins Gin2168
Dariusburst 720p (game uses a weird triple screen game resolution. Most of the screen is actually black) Almost fullspeed 5mins Darkphoenixfox
Dark Days (indie game) 720p / Max (aka "Fantastic") Always 60 fps 10 mins nmkd [S3]
Darksiders 1 Playable if you're okay with low framerate, see game page for more details. 30mins Gin2168
DeadCore 800x600, low, 90° FOV 25-50 fps, kind of playable. 15 mins nmkd [S3]
Dead Effect 720p, low settings Around 40 fps 10 mins nmkd [S3]
Dead Rising 2 Off the Record 800x600 with everything off or low Full Speed 15mins Kayday
Dead Space 1280x720

Low Settings

Playable; GPD does get warm quickly. 30mins Kayday
Dead Space 3 1024x720, low settings, no VSync

Playable, 35 fps average

(Min: 25, max: 58)

20 mins nmkd / YT user pochowandpoch
Deathsmiles Default settings Full speed 30mins Darkphoenixfox
Deus Ex (1999) 720p, high settings 60 fps, perfectly playable 5 mins nmkd [S3]
Deus Ex: Human Revolution 960x540,

Lowest settings, everything off

(still looks great)

25-30fps, does dip to around 15-20 in big open areas however most of the game is in confined spaces so very playable Works with Native controller 30 mins s44ndhu
Diablo III 720p low settigns playable around 30fps 15mins Darkphoenixfox
Dirt 3 Playable 30mins + Benchmark Testing Gin2168
Dirt Rally 720p low settings Playable, over 30fps 30mins Darkphoenixfox
Dishonored 720p, low settings, FOV 70 Playable, X360 controller. Framerate drops heavily in places. Click LS to sprint is annoying. 10mins bdgscotland
DmC See game page for settings and tweaks. Playable 25mins Gin2168
Dodonpachi Resurrection Default settings Full speed 10mins Darkphoenixfox
Doom (2016) Playable through tweaks and settings, refer to Doom(2016) page for more info.
Doom Default. Steam Doom 3 BFG pack, SD card. Controller works on X360 out the box. Switch on X360 and use it to choose the game from the menu. Full speed 5mins bdgscotland
Doom 2 Default. Steam Doom 3 BFG pack, SD card. Controller works on X360 out the box. Switch on X360 and use it to choose the game from the menu. Full speed. 5mins bdgscotland
Doom 3 Default, had to turn on controller input in settings. Steam Doom 3 BFG pack, SD card. Almost full speed. Very playable! 10mins bdgscotland
Double Dragon Neon Default settings Full speed 10mins Darkphoenixfox
Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires Default settings Black screen after first title screen 10 mins fvig2001
Duke Nukem Forever Everything Lowest

Motion Blur: ON

20-45 FPS

Average 25FPS (Playable)

25mins MYCRAFTisbest


Dune 2 - Legacy Default. Google for the Dune 2 data files. Dune 2 Legacy is open source. Fully playable - but not the best version. See Dune Dynasty 10m bdgscotland
Dune 2 - Dynasty Default. Google for the Dune 2 data files. Dune 2 dynasty is open source. Fully playable. Maybe better with a mouse but still an epic game. :) 1h bdgscotland
Earth 2140 Default Unplayable. 3/4 of screen. Can't launch it in window mode with any method that I know. 2h of trying alucard321pl
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West See game page. Playable. But expect framerate fluctuations and dips. 1 hour Gin2168
Enter the gungeon Default settings Full speed. Needs the launch command "-xinputonly" to work with the controller without issues 30mins Darkphoenixfox
Factorio Default settings, 720p Full speed (not sure how it will perform when RAM usage rises) 30mins bdgscotland
Fallout New Vegas 720p, low settings

30-50 fps outdoor

60 fps indoor

15 mins nmkd [S3]
Far Cry 1280x720 Only around 40 fps for some reason 5 mins nmkd / YT user Mobimaniak3000
Far Cry 2 800x600, Low settings Playable, 30-60 fps 10 mins nmkd / YT user Mobimaniak3000
Far Cry 3 640x480, low settings 20-35 fps, kind of playable... 10 mins nmkd / YT user pochowandpoch
Final Fantasy Type 0 HD 720p, lowest settings 10-15 fps 10 mins fvig2001
Final Fantasy X HD Remaster 720p 25-30 fps 10mins fvig2001
Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns 720p 20-25 fps 30minus fvig2001
Fragmental Lowest settings, any resolution Pretty small to see and not fun to play - low FPS 20mins bdgscotland
Fragments Of Euclid


"Good" Quality preset

50-60 fps, perfect 10 mins nmkd [S3]
Freelancer 720p, max settings. See page for details 180 fps, runs amazingly. Limit FPS to 60 to save battery 6 hours CoolboyWil
Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location (Default)

15 FPS, seems to be capped


10 mins nmkd [S3]
FTL: Faster Than Light Default

A bit choppy on some menus but very playable

Edit by nmkd: No lags at all here

has native controller support but is better to use touch screen with joystick mouse as using the controller makes the pointer move to fast 1 hour fvig2001
Gears of War (GFWL Version) Lowest Settings and Resolution

Medium Settings and 1280x720

Lowest settings: 50-60FPS

Medium Settings: 40-55FPS

10mins Gin2168
Giants: Citizen Kabuto (Gog) Max Settings @ 720p Maximal Settings with manual locked 30 FPS. Works without hard tweaks. But you must activate Win 8 compatibility and set the "-window" command in the launch shortcut's properties.  2+ hour DerVigilante

Around 25 fps.

Maybe the game will be optimized in future updates.

10 mins nmkd [S3]
Gothic You must make some changes in Gothic.ini file. Search for zVidResFullscreenX and zVidResFullscreenY lines and replace X to Y and Y to X.

You must install Fullscreen Fix. It's easy to find on Internet.

30+ fps. Very playable. 2h+ alucard321pl
Grandia II Anniversary Edition 1280x720, defaults except shadows off 50-60 fps 90 mins Damaniel
Grim Dawn Lowest settings 25-30 fps 10mins fvig2001
Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure 1280x720, Very Low preset ~30-40 fps 15 mins Damaniel
Half Life 2, Episode 1 & 2 1280x720, High settings 30-50 fps

(very smooth)

Native controller support 10 mins s44ndhu
Haunt - The real Slender Game Lowest, 720x405 35-60 fps 10 mins nmkd [S3]
Halo 2 1280x720 solid 50-60, runs amazing native controller support works great 1 hour Psycheous
Heroes of the Storm Low, 1280x720 40-60 fps in menu, 20-30 fps in battle. Sometimes drops to 10 fps during Zerg rushes Works in mouse mouse however would suggest bounding some of the hotkey to higher keys (Z, Ctrl, etc.) 40 mins Agithatheprincess
Hitman 2: SA 720p, maxed out 80-130 fps, perfectly playable 2 mins nmkd / YT user Paweł Czarkowski
INSIDE 480p 20-40 fps, playable 15 mins nmkd / YT user Or1s
I am Setsuna Standard Settings, 1280x720 Very very playable and looks beautiful on this screen. Mostly hovered around 45fps to 55fps. 10mins Gin2168
Jet Set Radio Default. Steam version needs to overwrite config application with the game's exe in order to run (config won't allow the game to run) smooth 2 hours fvig2001
Just Cause 2 Lowest settings Playable at around 30 fps has native controller support Various videos nmkd / YT users / Reddit users
Kane and Lynch 720p, medium settings Around 30fps has native controller support 10 mins s44ndhu
Kerbal Space Program Stock Game


Pixel Light Count: 4

Shadow Cascade: 4

Everything else lowest

15-50 FPS

(High Part count on launchpad - Low part count in orbit)

Perfectly playable, Mouse mode works OK for building. Lack of middle mouse click is annoying for camera angles.

45mins MYCRAFTisbest


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning 1280x720, no shadows, low textures, simple shaders 45-60 fps 30 mins Damaniel
Left 4 Dead 2

1024x504, low settings

Playable, 35 fps average

(Min: 18, max: 50)

20 mins nmkd / YT user pochowandpoch
Lego The Hobbit 800x600, low settings 32 fps 10 mins CoSci
Lightspeed Frontier 720p, low settings Playable, 35-60 fps 10 mins nmkd [S3]
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition 960x544, medium settings 30fps Average Native controller support 10 mins
LSD Revamped (Remake of the PSX game) 720p, maxed out Always 60 fps 10 mins nmkd [S3]
Manhunt 2 Maxed out, 720p Perfect - 30fps (60fps with patch ) 5 mins nmkd [S3]
Mass Effect 1 Playable see game page. 40mins Gin2168
Mass Effect 2 720p, Low settings 30 fps average = playable 7 mins (Video) nmkd / YT user BusyYoda
Mass Effect 3 720p, Low settings Playable cmvrgr
Max Payne 720p, Max settings 60fps Not native to xbox controller, however use steam big picture as workaround 10 mins s44ndhu
Max Payne 2 720p, MAx settings 40-50 fps Not native to xbox controller, however use steam big picture as workaround 10 mins s44ndhu
Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code (Rev 1.4.0 non-steam) 720p, shading on, windowed Fullscreen seems to be broken, but Windowed + Borderless Gaming works.

Gameplay is full speed.

25 mins RhythmLunatic
Metro 2033 Unknown Hard to tell from 720p30 video. At least 20 fps. 5 mins nmkd / YT user vd853
Metro 2033 Redux Lowest Based on the 1080p60 video, at least 30 or 40 fps. No noticable lag on the video. 5 mins nmkd / YT user Thomas Kings
Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor 50% Resolution, Motion blur on (compensates for aethetics with low FPS), and everything else low or off. 20-30 FPS but dips more when there are a lot of NPCs. Playable, but with fps and resolution sacrifices. I personally am enjoying the Hell out of it but I wouldnt play it on the Win if it's your first time, it is really downgraded and clunky. 5 hours Zzzsss2
Mirror's Edge Unknown 40 fps 5 mins nmkd / YT user Géo - MegatestRetro
Minecraft (Java)

Low settings, Optifine

5 chunks render distance

60+ fps 20 mins nmkd [S3]
Murdered: Soul Suspect Seems very playable. Visit game page for discussion on settings. 10mins Gin2168
Need for Speed (2015) Lowest settings, 960x544 custom resolution Unplayable, under 20fps 10mins Darkphoenixfox
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010) 1280x720 with everything turned off or low Looks to be 25-30fps 30mins Kayday
Need for Speed Most Wanted Black Edition (2005) Search for the resolution fix to play in 1280x720 Full Speed 15mins Kayday
Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012) Lowest settings, 720p 10-15 fps, unplayable 10mins Darkphoenixfox
Oneshot (indie game) No Config 100% Full Speed Full game Zzzsss2
Outrun 2006 Coast to Coast Native Resolution Perfect (unsure of FPS)
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Lowest Settings 45-60FPS 10mins Gin2168

Lowest settings

800x450 custom res

30-60 fps. Barely drops below 30, absolutely playable. 25 mins nmkd [S3]
Outlast: Whistleblower

Lowest settings

800x450 custom res

25-50 fps. Beginning area is pretty demanding. 10 mins nmkd [S3]
Overwatch Lowest settings, 960x544 custom resolution 25-30 fps, playable but playing with controller is not competitive has native controller support 20mins Darkphoenixfox
Painkiller - Black Edition Maxed out, 720p 60+ fps 15 mins nmkd [S3]
Painkiller - Hell and Damnation 960x544 30-50 fps (Minimum: 26) 15 mins nmkd / YT user pochowandpoch
Papers, Please solid 60 works great if you just use the touch screen, using the thunbstick can be a bit slow 30 mins Psycheous
Party Hard 720p / Default 60 fps 5 mins nmkd [S3]
Penumbra Overture 720p / Medium settings 40-60 fps 15 mins nmkd [S3]
Pinball FX 2 Default settings, 720p 60fps 10mins Darkphoenixfox
Plants vs Zombies default solid 60 works great using just the touch screen. 30 mins Psycheous
Pony Island 1280×720. Max graphic settings Full speed (except hard to play some parts without a mouse) 1 hour Zzzsss2
Portal High settings, 1280x720 Runs nicely at an unnoticeable fps (30+fps) 20 mins Agithatheprincess
Portal 2 720p

Anti-Alias: None

Filtering: Bi-Linear

Vertical Sync: Double Buffer

MultiCore: Enabled

Shader: Low

Effect: Medium

Texture Detail: High

Paged Pool: High

30FPS or higher in most of the game

Laptop Powersave Mode Recommended, caps FPS at 30

45mins MYCRAFTisbest


Postal 2 Default. Run in Window with Borderless Gaming. 25+ fps. Sometimes lower, but still playable. GOG version. 30mins alucard321pl
Prototype Lowest Settings and Resolution. 15-18FPS 10mins Gin2168
Quake Quake from Steam. Default settings but using Pinnacle Game Profiler (with downloaded Quake profile) and controller on X360 mode. Full Speed 60 mins bdgscotland
Quake II Quake 2 from Steam. Default. Crashes on load. 0m bdgscotland
Quake III Unknown 90 fps 10 mins nmkd / YT users
Quake IV Unknown 55 fps, perfectly playable 5 mins nmkd / YT user Mobimaniak3000
Rabi-Ribi 1280x720, very low graphics 60fps on very low, 30-60 on normal graphics 1 hour Rhythm Lunatic


Lowest settings

30-40 fps


5 mins nmkd [S3]
RAGE 960x544, low settings (except textures) Stable 30 fps, minimum 27. Recommended to play with 30 fps cap. 10 mins nmkd / YT user pochowandpoch
Raiden III Default Full Speed 30 mins Kayday
Resident Evil Revelations Low / 800x600 30+ FPS, perfectly playable Various videos nmkd [S3]
Resident Evil Revelations 2 640x480, low settings 30 fps, playable 30 min (video) nmkd / YT user pochowandpoch
Resident Evil 4 HD Almost unplayable no matter what settings (terribly optimized) Continuously drops to 10-20 FPS and numerous game breaking bugs and crashes 30 min Zzzsss2
Resident Evil 4 PC (with HD texture mods) 100% playable, buttery smooth. Runs at 30+ FPS, and 1280x720 resolution after tweaking the ini file. GPD only heats up and extended play time So far I've played through half the game Zzzsss2
Resident Evil 5 1280x720 with everything off or low Variable benchmark shows 30.5fps and GPD Win did get a little warm. Kayday
Resident Evil 6 800x600, low settings About 30 fps, lowest is 12, max is 50 Various video nmkd / YT user pochowandpoch
Resident Evil 7 DEMO Lowest settings Playable (25-35 fps) Various videos

nmkd / YT users Cherry Trail Gaming and GPDWIN Gamer

Retro City Rampage DX Default Full Speed 10mins Kayday
Ridge Racer Unbounded Lowest settings 960x544 20-25 fps, barely playable 15mins Darkphoenixfox
RimWorld Default Fullspeed works well using the joystick mouse mode in conjunction with the touch screen. 30mins fvig2001
Saints Row 3 800x600 15-25 fps on big areas

25-30 fps on smaller areas

1 hour fvig2001
SCP: Containment Breach 1.3


Lowest settings

20-30 fps, playable (Low fps is OK for a game like this)

Low resolution did not increase the FPS.

10 mins nmkd [S3]
Serious Sam 2 720p - Autodetect 30-45 fps 30mins Darkphoenixfox
Seven Kingdoms 2 HD 800x600 Window mode with d3dwindower.. Perfect 30 mins alucard321pl
Seven: The Days Long Gome Lowest settings Unplayable. Very low FPS. 30 mins alucard321pl
Shadow Complex Remastered 720p 20-30 fps 30 mins fvig2001

Silent Hills P. T.

(PuniTy PC remake)


Around 40 fps


10 mins nmkd [S3]
Silent Hill 2 720p [Widescreen fix], max settings

120+ fps

(Recommended to cap the FPS between 30 and 60 to save power)

20 mins nmkd [S3]
Silent Hill Homecoming 720p / Medium

Stable 30 fps

(Fullspeed, game is capped at 30)

20 mins nmkd [S3]
Skullgirls 1280x720 Full Speed 1 Hour Kayday
Skyrim Lowest Settings with Highest Actor Draw Distance. 1280x720 25-35 FPS without mods. 6 Hours tobezuk
Slender: The Arrival

Low, 800x600

Textures: High

35-50 fps, playable 10 mins nmkd [S3]
Slenderman's Shadow Low/720p or High/400p 60fps, minor drops (depends on resolution and graphics settings) 10 mins nmkd [S3]
Snake Pass

Lowest settings

Low resolution

10 fps.


10 mins nmkd [S3]
Sniper Elite v2 720p, lowest settings 20-30 fps 10 mins nmkd / YT userpochowandpoch
Sonic All Star Racing Transformed Custom resolution 544x960 with low settings and all other options turned off Playable 1 Hour Kayday
Sonic Generations Everything Lowest

Low Graphics Mod v2

Average 22.5FPS

Playable but not ideal

2.5 Hours MYCRAFTisbest


Sonic Heroes for Windows (On SD Card)

*Requires patch to run without CD

Windowed Mode


FPS: 30

All other setting Highest

Smooth 30FPS Game cannot run properly in full screen. Voice clips delayed (likely SD card related) 30mins MYCRAFTisbest


Sonic Lost World (On SD Card)

Shadows off, Grass off

Get the public testing version from the beta list under the game's properties in Steam. Set launch options to --F40 in Steam. This locks the game to 40FPS.

Runs an average of 38FPS. Setting launch to values below 40FPS lock cause glitches. Only glitch with 40 lock is butterflies may not follow you, causing some levels to become impossible. 2 hours MYCRAFTisbest


Sonic CD 720p fullscreen Perfect. Make sure you use the Steam Big Picture button mappings since the game doesn't have controller support. 20 minutes Rhythm Lunatic
Sonic Mania Default settings Perfect.

Don't play this on your SD card, it will periodically freeze

20 minutes Rhythm Lunatic
South Park: Stick of Truth 1280x720 Perfect. Solid 30FPS. 10mins Gin2168
Space Channel 5 Part 2 1280x720 Perfect 1 hour fvig2001
Split/Second N/A Game loads but has major graphic issues that make it unplayable.
Spooky's House of Jumpscares Default 60 fps, perfect 15 mins nmkd [S3]
Star Trek Legacy High - No Shadows - 720p 30-50 fps 20 mins nmkd [S3]
Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Classic 2005) all low, 1280x720 50-60 fps, even in big battles. need to use big picture to configure controls, comunity made presets avaliable. 25 mins Psycheous
S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call Of Pripyat 720p, medium settings Perfect, 60 fps 15 mins nmkd [S3]
S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow Of Chernobyl Medium settings - 720p Playable, 30-70 fps 10 mins nmkd / YT user Or1s
StepMania 5 1280x720, 32bit graphics, high resolution textures Dependent on your theme, but even the heavier ones still run at 60FPS 20 minutes Rhythm Lunatic
Street Fighter x Tekken Lowest Settings, Low Background quality 1280x720 Resolution 55-75FPS 10mins Gin2168
Streets of Rage Remake Default settings (640x480?) full speed 10mins Darkphoenixfox
SUPERHOT 400p, lowest settings Around 20 fps, playable (slow-paced game) 20 mins nmkd [S3]
System Shock 2 Default, 720p 60+fps, perfect 10 mins nmkd [S3]
Tales of Symphonia Standard settings 28-30FPS 10mins Gin2168
Tales of Zestiria Lowest setting at 720p 20-25 fps on large areas

25-30 on small areas

2 hours fvig2001
The King of Fighters XIII Frame Rate=Fixed



Full Speed 1 Hour Kayday
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Default setting Smooth, 100% playable, no issues has native controller support Entire game Zzzsss2
The Last Remnant 720p smooth 30mins fvig2001
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut 1024x600

Vey Low Defaul, with vsync manually turned off


Occasional drops below 25

Cutscenes have dropped to 11 at times

1 Hour Jubag
The Inevitability


Default settings

40-60 fps

10 mins nmkd [S3]
The Simpsons Hit and Run 1280x720 (Through mods) 25-30 fps 1 hour fvig2001
The Sims 800x600/1024x768 Does not load due to driver 5 minutes fvig2001
The Sims 4 1280x720 25-30 fps 30 minutes fvig2001
The Stanley Parable Low, 1024x768 40-100 fps 10 minutes nmkd [S3]
The Talos Principle Low, 1024x768 35-50 fps, playable 15 mins nmkd [S3]
The Typing of the Dead Default Smooth 100% (Do not put in SD Card since it causes slow downs) 30 minutes fvig2001
The Typing of the Dead Overkill Had graphic issue with resolution. It was set to 1680x1050. Changed the settings ini to 1280x720 and no graphical issues. Full Speed. Typing on GPD Win keyboard sucks. 1 Hour Kayday
Touhou Hisotensoku (12.3) Fullscreen, default settings Full speed. D-Pad can't be mapped 30 minutes Rhythm Lunatic
Touhou 14.5: Urban Legend in Limbo No issues.

720p resolution, default graphics quality, vsync off, normal draw cycle.

Note: English patch used

Near full speed (58-60 fps). Slowdown in menus and title screen, but gameplay is mostly unaffected. 30 minutes Rhythm Lunatic
Touhou 15.5: Antinomy of Common Flowers Fullscreen, default graphics settings. Slowdown with spellcards. 4 hours Rhythm Lunatic
Tom Clancy's The Division Lowest settings, 960x544 custom resolution.

LowspecGamer optimization guide followed

10-20 fps, unplayable 15mins Darkphoenixfox
Tomb Raider (2013) Definitely read the game page. 13-44.4FPS maybe playable. 20mins + Benchmark testing + mid and end game save points were tested. Gin2168
Tomb Raider Underworld High settings 720p Smooth. Playable 30mins Darkphoenixfox
Ultimate Spider-Man 800x600 with low setting on fog distance Smooth and playable! Some minor and infrequent fps drops (some cut scenes didn't have audio but that could be due to my copy or not running Windows 7 comparability mode) Entire Game Zzzsss2
Ultra Street Fighter 4 Lowest Settings, Low Background quality 1280x720 Resolution 55-70FPS 10mins Gin2168
Ultra Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Lowest Settings, High Background quality 1280x720 Resolution 40-50fps 30mins Darkphoenixfox
Undertale Standard Config 100% Full Full Game Zzzss2
Unreal 2 720p, high settings 60fps 10 mins nmkd [S3]
Unreal Gold Maxed out 720p 60fps 5 mins nmkd [S3]
Unreal Tournament 99 GOTY 1280x720 and everything max setting. Works perfect except it still needs to be played with KB/M. 15mins Kayday
Urban Trial Freestyle (Steam) Playable using any Settings Perfect. However, when Exiting the Game might result in the Keyboard Function being Lost for some reason. Over 1 Hour
Valkyria Chronicles 1280x720

Locked in at 30fps

Perfect. 30fps 10mins Gin2168
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 640x400

Everything set to low or off.

16-35FPS in game (most of the time around 22FPS). 30+FPS for cutscenes 30mins Gin2168
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide 720p Lowest setings, with 1 worker thread set 15-19fps in the tavern 5 mins Jubag
Wolfenstein (2009) 768x432, medium-low settings 50-60 fps 15 mins nmkd / YT user pochowandpoch
World of Warcraft - Legion 720p low-medium settings Playable around 30fps 15mins Darkphoenixfox
Xanadu Next 1280x720 with 32-bit color and vsync off

*Note: The game needs to be run in borderless windowed mode or the game will be rotated 90 degrees on screen (and therefore unplayable)

50-60 fps 20 min (from saved game 3h in) Damaniel
X: Beyond the Frontier 720p default settings, SD card Looks like it will be playable ~60fps with some drops. However, there's an issue that won't let it go full screen. Needs further investigation. Controls need remapped too. 30m bdgscotland
X-Tension Default, SD card Crashes on start. Might be fixable. 0m bdgscotland
X2: The Threat Default, 720p. Incorrect rotation. Looks like it runs fast enough to play. Controller needs remapped. Likely fixable. 10m bdgscotland
X: Rebirth 720p, GFX: Low. Not great. Not very playable. FPS dips. I can't seem to switch resolution away from 720p. 45m bdgscotland
X-COM: UFO Defense Steam, default (DosBox). Very playable. Looks great, actually. Probably better with a mouse. Mouse pad works fine, touch screen calibration is off. 20m bdgscotland
X-COM: Terror from the Deep Steam, default (DosBox). Very playable. Looks great, actually. Probably better with a mouse. Mouse pad works fine, touch screen calibration is off. 20m bdgscotland
Ys Origin Normal, 1280x720 Flawless 60 FPS. 30 mins Damaniel
Ys: The Ark of Napishtim Normal, 1280x720 Flawless 60 FPS. 45 mins Damaniel
Ys: The Oath in Felghana Normal, 1280x720 Flawless 60 FPS. 30 mins Damaneil
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