Game Region Dolphin Version Playability/FPS Settings

(Video, Audio, Downclocking the CPU, etc)

Modifications to Device OS/Bios Version PlayTime
Donkey Kong Country Returns US 5.0 Playble enough. 28-36 FPS (49-60%)

*Cheats, depending on which ones used will crash Game upon Loading into World/Stage. Need to know which ones work*

Mario Kart Wii PAL 5.0 46/50 - - - 20 mins
New Super Mario Bros Wii. US 5.0 Playable

60FPS Menu/World Select

60FPS In-World

DX12, Otherwise, use Stock Settings 1+Hours
Tetris Party US 5.0 Playable 50-60FPS DX12

Stock Settings

30 Minutes
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