Games by nmkd are either based on YouTube videos or tested on a Surface 3 (which uses the same chip as the Win), marked with [S3].


Game CPU/GPU Load Playability/FPS Important Settings Playtime Contributed by
Assassin's Creed Bloodlines Playable (30/30) 3x res, auto frameskip 5 mins nmkd [S3]
Burnout Legends

GPU: 35%

CPU: 25%

Playable (30/30) Unknown 5 Mins nmkd / YT user The Phawx
Tekken 5 DR

GPU: 50%

CPU: 50%

Playable (Fullspeed) Unknown 5 mins

nmkd / YT user GPD WIN-NER

Family Guy - The Video Game Playable - 95-100% Base Settings WITH Auto Frame Skipping 20 Minutes
God Of War Playable (Fullspeed) Unknown 7 mins nmkd / YT user GPD Game Console
God of War - GoS Playable - 70-93% Base Settings WITH Auto-Frame Skipping 20 Minutes

Metal Gear Solid

Peace Walker

Playable, 30 fps fullspeed

(Use 30 fps cheat, game will run at 20 otherwise)

2x res, no frameskip 10 mins nmkd [S3]
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Playable (30/30), no drops 3x res, auto frameskip 10 mins nmkd [S3]
ObsCure: The Aftermath

30-50 fps

Always fullspeed

2x res, auto frameskip 10 mins nmkd [S3]
Pinball Heroes


Playable (Fullspeed)


Base Settings 30 mins Smoker163B
Silent Hill Origins

With flashlight graphics: 50 fps

Without flashlight: 60 fps

No frameskip (!) 2x resolution 10 mins nmkd [S3]
Tomb Raider Legend


30/60 fps

Always fullspeed

Auto frameskip

2x resolution

15 mins nmkd [S3]
Wipeout Pulse 30/30 most of the time, but some drops Auto frameskip, 2x res 5 mins nmkd [S3]
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