Murdered: Soul Suspect takes place in a fictionalized version of Salem. Played in a third-person view, the player navigates the protagonist, Ronan, around town. There are multiple areas in Salem to explore such as a church, an apartment building, and a graveyard. The player completes levels in order to progress further into the game.[2] There are hundreds of collectibles in the game, including 'Ghost Girl Messages' and various different types of scraps of paper which contain information about Ronan's life.[3] Since the character is a ghost, he has a number of ghostly abilities such as teleportation and possession.[4] Each area has clues to collect to progress through the level and the story; the clues are found in a way similar to L.A. Noire's investigation sequences.[5] [1]


Very playable


Murdered: Soul Suspect seems to offer a great deal of settings that are pertinent to getting this game running on the GPD Win. The biggest one being the very high range of resolution options. The lowest option being 320x200. While that option is an option for best performance, it makes the text very difficult to read and the image well... not very pretty.

Currently my recommended settings for 30+FPS are:

640x400 resolution

Fullscreen - ON

Vsync - OFF

Motion Blur - OFF

Bloom - OFF

Ambient Occlusion - OFF

Distortion - OFF

Anti-Aliasing - OFF

Texture Level of Detail - High

Texture Filtering - 16x Anisotropic

Shadow Quality - High

Shader Quality - High

Particle Effects - Low


If you load the game using DirectX9 instead of DirectX11, you will see a considerable performance boost. Using the settings above, my game went from bouncing around 30-40fps, to mostly around 50, with it hitting a high of mid eighties for interrogations.[2]

Simply go to the properties of the Murdered: Soul Suspect shortcut (probably on your desktop) and add -dx9 to the end of the line within the target box. Make sure there is a space between -dx9 and the end of the quotation mark.

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