What is GamePad Launcher?

GamePad Launcher (GPL) is a program created for launching games easily on smaller touch screen devices running Windows, specifically the GPD Win. At the time of this writing, it is in a very early state and is lacking important features like adding multiple games to the program's library at once.

Current Features

  • Add EXE, Windows Shortcuts, and Steam Shortcuts
  • Large buttons and icons for easy touchscreen use
  • Auto-closes after a game launched
  • Start game when Xinput controller detected
  • Start game when Dinput controller detected (start program with Dinput already connected, you can then switch it off and on as you wish)
  • Graphical and Text based layouts
  • Easily switch between power profiles in Windows
  • Switch to High Performance mode on game launch
  • Automatic Update Checking
  • Low CPU usage (with option to lower further)
  • Keep SD awake (Smoother gameplay off SD Card, requires "close on launch" unchecked)
  • Fullscreen mode for even larger interface


  • Add Directories
  • Automatic Game Library Detection
  • Specific per-game launch options
  • Community Submitted Optimal Setting
  • Built-In Keymapper
  • Animated / Nicer User Interface
  • Customization Features
  • Change System Resolution
  • Sort Options
  • File Renaming

Download Version 0.3.1

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GPL Version 0
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