Output C0V9Vo

Lowest/highest graphics on "Verrückt" map. Click to enlarge

Nazi Zombies is a gamemode in Call Of Duty: World At War (2008).


The resolution is 800x600 if not specified otherwise.

The game is a Steam installation of WaW, patched with an uncut patch (since it was originally the German version).

I currently don't own a GPD Win but I test the games on a Surface 3 which uses the same chipset. Surface tests are marked with "S3".

Original maps

Maps Name Framerate Notes
Nacht der Untoten 50-60 fps S3
Verrückt 40-50 fps S3
Shi No Numa 40-60 fps S3
Der Riese 60 fps (most of the time) S3

Custom maps

Map Name Framerate Filesize Notes
Kino The Rebirth 35-50 fps 440 MB S3

35-60 fps (Varies depending on environment)

430 MB S3
Herrenhaus 30-60 fps 340 MB S3
Collingwood (CPH) 30-50 fps 250 MB S3
Hotel v2.1

60 fps

180 MB S3
Requiem 30 fps 390 MB S3
Project Viking Final 30-60 fps 500 MB S3 - Runs at 40-60, but sometimes drops to 30 for a second
Candyland 35-60 fps 85 MB S3 - Framedrops when looking at the big object in the spawn room.
Clinic Of Evil 50-60 fps 450 MB S3
Five 60 fps 85 MB S3
Nacht Reimagined 60 fps S3
ORBiT 60 fps S3
Dead Ship 30-60 fps S3